Financial Education in Schools

Our kids are the future - they need to learn about Financial Literacy as early as possible.

Early Childhood Development (3 – 5 years)

It is essential that basic financial habits as well as responsible decision-making are already acquired at a young age, thus the FLI aims to equip early-childhood educators with the skills and materials to include modules on Financial Literacy in their curricula.

Pre-Youth (6 – 13 years)

Primary school children need to gain knowledge on money management and the implications entailed by making financial decisions. In an effort to shape the minds of learners and making them financially responsible adults FLI aims to including financial literacy in the curriculum for primary and secondary school learners and making it a mandatory school subject.


Check out our booklet for the young.

Kids need pictures, action and entertainment. Our “Moola Matters” booklet is an easy-to-read and fun little magazine about money for the young.