Micro Business Training

The Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI) offers Simulation-based Training to a minimum of 16 people and a maximum of 25 Selected Micro Enterprise owners per training course in Windhoek and around Namibia as a whole. These trainings are a product of the different institutions of entrepreneurship.

Traditional Simulation Based – The participants of the training have and are running their own businesses already and are expressing their real-life business activities in the custom-made relative case studies in the “workbook”.   The main objective of this training is to realistically show how business entrepreneurs can sustain themselves and their businesses.  The time of the training depends on the pace of the trainees thus, the training lasts at least two-three (2 – 3) days and participants from all levels of education are welcome. The training focuses on the following modules:

  1. Basic Business Cycle
  2. Managing Cash flow and
  3. Basic Record Keeping
  4. Understanding Supply and Demand
  5. How to Price Products and
  6. Sales Techniques Marketing
  7. Business Planning & Negotiations
  8. How to Build Strong Relationships
  9. Advanced Record Keeping
  10. Production
  11. Expansion and diversification