Start-up Festival

The Start-up Festival is an initiative of the FLI focused on inspiring, growing, and celebrating start-ups in Namibia. In the local context, we intend to tap into the existing culture of resourcefulness and entrepreneurship among the participants. The festival aims to reinforce the link between start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporates, government, and other stakeholders to strengthen and build the start-up environment in Namibia.

The vision of the start-up festival:

  1. Inspire Namibians to become entrepreneurs.
  2. Celebrate fresh ideas and the courageous founders who realize them.
  3. Showcase how it can be done: ideation, start-up funding, business registration, growth, and the future.
  4. Promote businesses that care and are making a difference; big or small,
  5. Fostering sustainable partnerships and development,

The event format allows participants to exchange ideas through a platform that can inspire and educate participants to start a business or scale up their existing businesses.  As most participants are involved in some form of income-generating activities, supporting them is vital to improve the local economy and tackle unemployment through business creation, thus the FLI also has a pitching competition during the festival. The pitching competition creates a platform for participants to share their business ideas and obtain support that will aid in further developing their businesses. It also provides an opportunity for the pitchers and other participants to learn about presenting a concept to a large audience. Lastly, creates an opportunity for other participants to be exposed to working concepts that the community can support and learn from.

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