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The Role of Platform Supporters
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Members of the FLI platform – so-called Platform Supporters – jointly guide and shape Namibia’s financial education agenda.

At the Annual Strategic Workshop, Platform Supporters give their input and thus steer FLI’s 3-year-strategy. They jointly define target groups, projects and activities. Platform Supporters elect their representation to the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, Platform Supporters receive regular updates at quarterly-held “Action Group Meetings” for Personal Finance Education activities and Business Finance Education activities. They are invited to participate in all of FLI’s outreach activities and events to showcase or promote their organizations.

Platform Supporters are also invited to contribute their expertise and technical assistance to the FLI Secretariat team. For example, they may be asked to verify content of specific publications on specialized topics such as insurance, investments or pension funds.

FLI Platform Supporters come from the public, private and civil society sector. Members from the public and private sector are expected to contribute financially to FLI’s annual budget.

The FLI membership is formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Platform Supporter and the Ministry of Finance.

Benefits of being a Platform Supporter:

FLI provides a platform for its supporters to exchange thoughts, ideas and concepts on financial consumer education and financial knowledge. Here are some of the benefits that the Platform Supporters of the FLI enjoy:

  • FLI Platform Supporters are entitled to receive financial education services and programs developed by the FLI (e.g. Financial Wellness Workplace Program, MSME training) allowing to develop and build capacity within their own institution
  • FLI members benefit from the opportunity to make full use of all existing and future educational materials developed and provided by the FLI (e.g. educational booklets, training materials, videos, pamphlets)
  • FLI Platform Supporters receive recognition on their NFSC scorecard according to their financial contribution (consult scorecard for clarity)
  • FLI membership allows access to all current and future M&E data on financial education and financial literacy activities as implemented by the FLI
  • Access to all research conducted and reports compiled by the FLI, including those in partnership with universities
  • FLI membership publicly underlines your company’s social responsibility and engagement and links your organization to a well perceived Namibian institution
  • Platform Supporters benefit from numerous opportunities to actively partake in activities organized and coordinated by the FLI, such as expo’s, roadshows, trade fairs/shows, where members can represent themselves to the public
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