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Zambezi Regional Council: Micro Finance
Zambezi Regional Council1

The Zambezi Regional Council  aims to create employment opportunities for unemployed individuals residing in Rural Zambezi, through its Micro Finance Scheme.

Type of financing
  • Equipment
  • Mentoring/Training (BDS)
Target Area
  • Equipment/Infrastructure
  • Training




Micros, Equipment aid, Mentoring.

  • Applicant must be unemployed and residing in rural areas within the Zambezi Region.
  • Group submissions are accepted.

Minimum financing volume: N$ 30 000,00.

Maximum financing volume: N$ 70 000,00.

Average financing volume: N$ 30 000,00.

Application procedure
  • Calls for applications will be made once per year by the Regional Council.
  • Application forms can be obtained from the Zambezi Regional offices, Planning and Development Division, Directorate: Rural Services.

Applications need to be submitted before the end of September every year.

For more information

Visit the Zambezi Regional Council at:

Sam Nujoma Road, Government Building.

Katima Mulilo.                                              

Or, visit any Local Constituency Offices in the Zambezi Region.

Chief Regional Officer
Ms. R Ndopu-Lubinda

Tel: 066-261739

Governor: Hon. Lawrence Sampofu

Chairperson: Hon. M. R. Mbala

Tel: 066-253046
Fax: 066-252858