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Bank Windhoek: ESME Product Portfolio

Bank Windhoek’s SME division is called “Emerging Small and Medium Enterprises” or ESME Finance branch for short. ESME branches offer the following products and services to SMEs:

1. SME Transaction Accounts

To enable entrepreneurs to run their businesses effectively, Bank Windhoek offers you Business Transaction accounts. These accounts offer flexible payment methods that allow our customers to pay suppliers and employees, while meeting other daily transactional needs.

2. ESME Savings and Investment Products

Savings and investments will play a vital role in providing you with additional finance to take advantage of bulk discounts, assist in the purchase of equipment and, most importantly, to cover unexpected expenses. As a Bank Windhoek ESME client you have access to a wide range of savings and investment options, including:

Call Deposits

Fixed Deposits

Notice Deposits

3. Article Finance

Used for the purchase of equipment, machinery and vehicles.

4.  Commercial Property Finance

Long-Term Finance provided to purchase, construct, extend or renovate property for commercial purposes.

5. Term Loan/Commercial Loan

Term Loans are utilized for short-term purposes such as Working Capital. Commercial Loans are used for long-term financial needs. These can be granted for the acquisition of existing businesses (including franchises).

6. Co-operative Finance

This product is tailor made for clients who are registered and operating as Non-Agricultural co-operatives. Such co-operatives must be registered with the Co-operatives Division in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF)

7. Guarantee

This service entails the provision of a letter of undertaking or guarantee to a third party for specified projects.


  • SME
  • Startups

Debt (Loans)

  • Business must be registered with MITSD
  • Entrepreneurs must be Namibian Citizens or hold Permanent Residence
  • Sole Traders are welcome
  • Business Venture should not be socially undesirable
Application Procedure
  • A detailed business plan
  • Financial Projections with underlying assumptions
  • Company Registration documents
  • For existing businesses: financial statements or management accounts
  • Six months’ bank statements of your company and your personal account
  • Shareholder/Member information (CV, ID and Marital certificate)
  • Proof of VAT/Income Tax Registration
  • A copy of lease agreement of business premises
  • If you need equipment (see Article Finance): quotations
  • Your latest pay slip or proof of income (if applicable)
  • Your most recent municipal account, not older than 3 months, or other proof of your residential address

Contact us directly or ask at any Bank Windhoek branch for the full list of necessary documents for your loan application.

For more information


ESME Finance Branch (Windhoek):
Tel: +264 61 299 0602

ESME Finance Branch (Oshakati):
Tel: +264 065 299 954


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