The Otjozondjupa Regional Council provides funding to SMEs in the region through its Micro Finance Scheme.

The Micro Finance Scheme is intended at financing rural entrepreneurship initiatives, which contributes to sustainable income generation and employment creation.


  1. Following sectors are financed through this scheme, Agriculture, crafts, retailers, small mining, tourism, manufacturing and hospitality.
  2. Projects must be registered with Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development or to be registered within 6 months when notified as successful projects.
  3. Must have or open bank account.
  4. Applicants must be in groups or reputable individuals with economical viable projects.
  5. Projects must have specific location in Constituencies.
  6. All projects must have project management committees.


Financing volume is dependent on budget allocation from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

Application procedure:

  1. Regional Council will call for proposals at least once every year for the community to express their interest.
  2. Regional Council sends out circulars to all constituency offices to inform community to collect, complete and submit application forms.
  3. Constituency Development Committee (CDC) evaluate and send applications through to the Head Office for final scrutiny and selection of projects based on available funds.

Deadlines: Application time frame will be prescribed in the advert.


For more information visit the Otjozondjupa Regional Council at:

Henk Willems Street,



Chief Regional Officer

Ms. Agatha Mweti



Governor: Hon. James Unomasa Uerikua


Chairperson: Hon. Marlene Mbakera

Tel: 067-302658/ 067-303702

Fax: 067-302760

P.O. BOX 1682



Or, visit any Local Constituency Offices in the Otjozondjupa Region.