The Regional Council provides grants to eligible SMEs to enhance productivity and enable them to compete with other producers in the market.


  • – All Namibians residing in rural areas and above the age of 18.
  • – Previous disadvantaged groups.
  • – Economically viable projects that have a potential to provide employment and alleviate poverty
  • – People with disability with entrepreneurial talents, skills and willing to start up a business, but have no access to micro financing or start-up capital.
  • – Rural people who have capabilities to expand their existing businesses to create employment in their communities
  • – Youth, women, households and community-based groups that reside in rural, resettlements and settlement areas
  • – SMEs that have proven to be expanding and growing
  • – San communities and other marginalised groups
  • – All applicants must be in a group of people


Projects are supported in accordance with the budgetary allocation during a specific financial year.


Application procedure

  • – Advert will be placed in local newspaper and Constituencies will be notified to call for applications.
  • – Constituency Development Committees recommend applications to the Regional Technical Committee.
  • – Procurement Management Unit (PMU)/Procurement Committee (PC) (depending on the value) discuss the quotations and recommends them to the Chief Regional Officer for approval.


Interested applicants are urged to submit their Application Letters to the Constituency Offices within 21 working days after the announcement/call for applications has been conducted.

For more information

Visit the Omusati Regional Council at:

Omusati Regional Council Building, Namaungu Street, Outapi.

Or, visit any Constituency Offices in the Omusati Region.

Alternatively, send an e-mail to:

Chief Regional Officer
Mr. Gervasius Kashindi-email:

Governor: Hon. Erginus Endjala

Chairperson: Honourable Andreas Shintama

Tel: 065-251 019
Fax: 065-251 078

Private Bag 523