The Omaheke Regional Council aims to create employment opportunities for young people residing in Rural Omaheke, through its Micro-Finance Scheme, with funding from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.


  1. Namibians above the age of 18 residing in the rural areas of Omaheke region.
  2. Youth, women and community-based groups that reside in rural and settlement areas.
  3. The proposed project must be registered with BIPA.
  4. The proposed project must have a bank account or willing to open a bank account within three months of approval.

Volume for the Micro-Finance Scheme:

N$50 000 (N$45 000 worth of equipment and N$5 000 start-up capital)

Application procedure

  1. Calls for applications will be made once per year by the Regional Council, depending on availability of funds.
  2. Application forms can be obtained from the Regional Council’s website or Constituency Offices and returned to Constituency Offices for evaluation by Constituency Development Officers.

NB: Only one constituency is supported each financial year for the Rural Employment Scheme.


Deadlines: Application time-frame is given when announcement/call for applications has been made.


For more information visit the Omaheke Regional Council at:

Omaheke Regional Office Park, Portion 39, Gobabis Townlands No. 114, Gobabis.

Or, visit any Local Constituency Offices in the Omaheke Region.


Omaheke Regional Council Head Office Contact Details:

Tel. No.: +264 62 566 500