The Ohangwena Regional Council provides assistance to SMEs in the region, through their Micro-Finance Scheme.


  1. Previously disadvantaged Namibians above the age of 18 years who are residing in the Ohangwena Region.
  2. Projects should be economically viable with a potential to provide employment and alleviate poverty.
  3. Already existing SMEs that have proven to be expanding and growing will also be considered.


Projects are funded with the support from Ministry of Rural and Urban Development depending on the available budget of that particular financial year.

Application procedure:

Adverts will be placed in local newspapers and announcements made by Regional Councillors, through local radio stations. Application forms can then be obtained from and returned to Constituency Offices. The following documents need to be attached to completed application forms:

  1. A quotation of desired equipment.
  2. A Business Plan.
  3. Proof of SME registration, where possible.
  4. Namibian ID of the Applicant(s)

Deadlines: May of every financial year.

For more information:

Visit the Regional Council Office in Eenhana or Constituency Offices across the Ohangwena Region. Or contact the Ohangwena Regional council on the details below:

Ohangwena Regional Council

113 Church Street

TEL: 065 264 300

FAX: 065 263 033

Private Bag 88011, Eenhana.



Alternative Contact:

Ms. Natalia N. Ndaitwa

Cell: 081 1244 343