Nedbank also offers unsecured personal loans, called NedLoans, to clients who seek finance for their part-time farming business or another business, which they run on the side. It is the quick, easy and affordable personal loan helping employed Namibians to borrow responsibly.

NedLoans is a leading provider of loans to Namibians working for government and for employers who have a payroll deduction agreement with us. NedLoans promotes responsible borrowing, offering market conduct compliant personal loans from N$1 500 to N$100 000 for a variety of purposes. Repayments, by salary deduction over 12 to 60 months, must not be more than one-third of your net salary, or as agreed with the employer, but in line with the Labour Act. We can also consolidate your debt and settle it directly with your debtor(s).


  1. Your employer must have a payroll deduction agreement with us in place.
  2. You must be employed permanently by an approved employer.
  3. You must be employed permanently for at least one year of service at your current employer.
  4. You must be at least 21 years of age.
  5. You must be a Namibian citizen.
  6. The period you have left to work before retirement must be at least three months longer than the term of the loan.
  7. You must not be insolvent or under a garnishee or administration order.
  8. You must have a clean credit record or have taken up debt consolidation.
  9. The loan instalment must not be more than one-third of your net salary, and your net or take-home salary after the instalment has been deducted may not be less than N$1 000.

Application procedure:

  1. Nedbank application form available at branches countrywide
  2. Valid original Namibian ID or passport or driving licence with a birth certificate.
  3. Most recent original pay slip.
  4. Latest original three months’ bank statement indicating your latest salary deposit, which must correspond with your latest pay lip and your own personal particulars.
  5. Marriage certificate, if married.
  6. Spouse’s consent, if you are married in community of property.

For more information, contact:

Riaan Keulder

Head: SME Finance

Tel: 061-2952513

Erastus Haihambo

Head: Unsecured Personal Loans / NedLoans

Tel: 061-299 4200