Nedbank offers the following products for SMEs in all of its branches:

  1. Business Account with Overdraft: An overdraft is a short-term loan arrangement, where your account limit gets extended up to an agreed amount. It’s the most common type of business loan. Depending on your businesses turnover, NEDBANK offers overdrafts from N$50 000 – N$1 Million.
  2. Business Loans: NEDBANK offers business loans from a min. N$100 000 – N$5 Million. Collateral is required.
  3. Asset-based Finance: This loan product aims to finance vehicles, machinery and other equipment. The asset that is bought (i.e., car, machine, etc.) also serves as the security (or collateral) for the loan.
  4. Commercial Property Finance: This loan product aims to finance land and properties, like factory buildings or office buildings. It more or less works like a mortgage loan.
  5. Contract Finance: In case you won a tender or secured a purchase order, but do not have the liquidity to deliver, this product provides you with financing against the tender documents, purchase orders or project agreement.


  • – Business must be registered with BIPA
  • – Business must have a tax registration certificate
  • – Business must have a legal entity
  • – For most NEDBANK products, business needs to bank with NEDBANK
  • – Business should have an up-to-date business plan (also see “Application Procedure”)

Application Procedure

  • – NEDBANK application form (available at any branch)
  • – Financial statements (not for start-ups!)
  • – Cash flow projections
  • – Bank statements
  • – Business plan
  • – Any other available documentation, ex. lease agreements, etc.
  • – Copy of IDs


Please ask at any NEDBANK branch for the full list of necessary documents for your loan application.