This is a programme of the Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Service. It targets the Namibian unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The scheme provides small loans to young Namibians who are willing and able to start or expand their businesses. The loans are given to individuals in groups from the same community (usually 5-10 people). It is necessary for the young people to be recommended by their parents or legal guardians in order to join the programme (they need to either sign a letter or the loan agreement).

The NYCS offers the following to MSMEs:

  1. Training in Basic Business Management 
  2. Loans are offered from a minimum of N$2 000 to N$100 000. They are repaid over a period of 36 months
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation. Follow-up training will be provided according to the needs assessment from the monitoring report
  4. Mentoring, mainly for expanding businesses


  • – You must be a youth between 18-35 years
  • – Youth must be unemployed
  • – You must be willing to become an entrepreneur

Application Procedure

  • – Register with implementing agency or the youth office in your region (see full list of all implementing agencies)
  • – Attend training for two weeks in Basic Business Management
  • – After training submit business plan to the implementing agency
  • – Copy of ID’s
  • – Councillors approval

For more information


Ms. Helen Amutoko

Tel: 061 270 6501/ 061 270 6111

Fax: 061 245 939

In the regions the Regional Youth Offices can be contacted. Or you can also contact the following implementing agencies:

  1. Namibia Rural Development Programme (NRDP) Tel: 061 237279/ 081 2222368
  2. Training and Monitoring Unit Oshakati Tel: 081 3969770/ 0812448839
  3. Namibia First Luxury Cooperation   Tel: 065 263289/ 081 8781201
  4. Kavango Training and Credit Initiative Tel: 066 267187/ 08 14799954
  5. Zambezi Youth Development Fund   Tel: 081 2795527/ 08 13566886