Kongalend offers a range of affordable and accessible microfinance services. This includes loans to small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMME). Kongalend’ s power loans can provide working capital and equipment finance to entrepreneurs engaged in productive and value-added activities. Kongalend also offers individual, group, solar and agri-business loans, ranging from N$1 000 to N$250 000.

Kongalend’ s loans require a cash security build-up contribution, an amount that is equal to three and up to eight monthly loan instalments, depending on the loan and term applied for.

Kongalend offers the following types of loan products:

SMME POWER LOAN (for small, medium and micro enterprises): to acquire equipment, machinery or raw materials to develop and grow your small business.

– SMME loans range from N$15 000 to N$250 000.

– Kongalend does not provide cash loansbut instead pays directly to suppliers of equipment and services financed through its SMME Power loan product. However, a small component of the loan can be paid directly to cover operational expenses.

– Repayable over a maximum of 48 months

GROUP POWER LOAN: designed to assist active members of community-based savings groups to generate income and improve their financial well-being through engagement in productive and sustainable small business activities.

– Group Power Loans range from N$1 000 to N$15 000

– Repayable over a maximum of 36 months

PEOPLE POWER LOAN:  provides finance for micro-entrepreneurs who are active members of a community-based group of micro entrepreneurs in their village or area AND are graduates from Kongalend’ s Group Power loans. The loan must only be used for productive purposes, that is, for income generating activities and employment creation.

– People Power Loans range from N$20 000 to N$50 000

– Repayable over a maximum of 36 months

LIMA POWER LOAN: for small-scale farmers engaged in crop production to establish and grow their emergent agri-businesses, enabling them to acquire appropriate agricultural machinery, implements and inputs, such as seeds and fertilisers, to improve crop productivity and increase food security for their families while generating income from surplus yield.

– Lima Power loans range from N$1 000 to N$250 000.

– repayable over a maximum of 48 months

SOLAR POWER LOAN: to finance the acquisition of a range of renewable energy technologies, including solar home systems, solar water pumps and solar water heaters.

– Solar Power loans range from N$1 000 to N$250 000.

– Repayable over a maximum of 48 months

– Kongalend does not provide cash loans but instead pays directly to accredited suppliers of equipment financed.

  • – (Renewable) Energy
  • – Agriculture
  • – Equipment/Infrastructure

Eligibility Criteria

  • – Applicants must be Namibian citizens
  • – At least 18 years’ old
  • – A clean credit record (not black listed)
  • – Proof of steady income or a valid long-term contract for the supply of goods or services from a reputable institution

For SMME applicants:

  • – The business must be owner-driven
  • – The business must operate full-time from fixed premises
  • – The business should employ at least one other worker
  • – The business must have a recognised form of legal status

For group power and people power loans, you must

  • – be an active member of an organised community-based social saving group
  • – be recommended by other members of your group
  • – have signed the Kongalend Group Constitution; and
  • – have signed a group power loan agreement


Application Procedure

The following documents need to be submitted together with the full-completed Kongalend loan application form:

  • – a copy of your Namibian ID or valid passport (if married in community of property, copy of marriage certificate and spouse’s ID)
  • – bank statements reflecting the last six months

For SMME applicants:

  • – monthly operating budgets and cash flow projections for at least 12 months
  • – capital expenditure budget
  • – copies of founding statement/company registration documents; and a straightforward business plan

Download Kongalend’ s SMME BUSINESS PLAN GUIDELINES to help you draw up a plan to support your application!

All application forms can be downloaded on (under “What We Offer”). 

For more information

Kongalend has branches in Windhoek (Head Office), Ondangwa, Oshakati, Oshikango and Rundu.


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telephone: +264 61 24 1440
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