Agribank is a state-owned financial institution whose mandate is to advance money to persons or financial intermediaries for the promotion of agriculture and related activities. The Bank derives its mandate from the provisions of the Agricultural Bank of Namibia Act, No. 5 of 2003.

Short Term Loans: (Repayable between 1- 5 years)

    1. Production Loan (livestock, horticulture and cereal crop) – 1- 5 years. The loan is repayable in one year and it can be revolved (extended) for 5 years. The facility is available to both full and part-time farmers.

Medium Term Loans: (Repayable between 5 – 8 years)

    1. Livestock Loan: to purchase livestock to stock/restock the land to full production capacity. Large stock loans are repayable over 8 years and small stock loans are repayable over 6 years.
    2. Infrastructure & Implement Loan: to acquire new equipment and implements such as irrigation equipment, boreholes, windmills, dams, water pumps, combine harvesters, generators, ploughing equipment, fencing, hammer mills, mahangu threshers, silos, etc. Legally acceptable conventional collateral will be accepted as security.
    3. Vehicle and Tractor Loan: to purchase new and second-hand vehicles such as light delivery vans, trailers, small trucks and tractors.
    4. Improvement Loan: to acquire equipment for improving or repairing dilapidated infrastructure and implements such as irrigation equipment, boreholes, windmills, dams, water pumps & pipes, combine harvesters, generators, ploughing equipment, fencing, hammer mills, mahangu threshers, silos, etc.

Long Term Loans: (Repayable between 10 – 25 years)

    1. Purchase of Farmland: tailored to the well-established commercial farmers to ensure a well-developed and productive utilization of the land for food security and job creation. Loans are granted against security of the mortgage bond and repayable over a period of 25 years for farmland and 20 years for additional farmland.
    2. Loan Consolidation Facility: combines several existing Agribank loans into a new bigger loan from a single lender, which is used to pay off existing loans. You need collateral. Clients should have a loan facility with Agribank to qualify and must offer some form of collateral such as a farm and/or other acceptable collateral to Agribank.
    3. Bush Control and Utilization: The scheme will enable the farmers to reduce bush densities in order to increase the carrying capacity of the land and in turn land productivity and income.

Specialized Loans :

  1. Aquaculture: to finance both Freshwater and Marine Aquaculture projects. Loans are available in the short, medium and long term periods. Applicants with sufficient security and collateral will be subject to conditions as laid out in the guidelines on financing Aquaculture business as well as in the Agribank Credit Policy.
  2. Solar Energy: for purchasing and installation of alternative energy sources for agricultural purposes, such as solar electricity, solar heating systems, solar geysers, solar water pumps, solar water heating, etc.
  3. No Collateral Loan Product: aimed at salaried communal and commercial farmers for purchasing and acquiring of seasonal inputs, livestock, land development, machinery and implements, water infrastructure installation and farm vehicles.
  4. Agro-processing loan: aimed at value-addition/processing industry in the food, beverage and forestry sectors for activities such as milling and packaging, hides processing, food preservation, meat processing, charcoal production, financing of indigenous agricultural and related products processing.
  5. Financial Intermediaries loan: to provide loan facilities to financial intermediaries that will on-lend to the primary and secondary agricultural industries to both communal and commercial farmers for amongst others: revolving credit facility, purchase seasonal inputs, livestock, machinery and implements, etc.

Agribank also has special schemes:

  1. Affirmative Action Loan Scheme (AALS): enables emerging farmers from the previously disadvantaged communities to acquire farms in commercial areas. The loan is repayable in 25 years. Year 1 – 3 is free of interest and capital repayment for full-time farmers, and as from year 4 onwards the outstanding amount is redeemed over the remaining 22 years at an escalating interest rate.  The Affirmative Action Loan scheme is complemented by the North South Incentive Scheme (NSIS) which is a vehicle for communal farmers to sell off their livestock north of the Veterinary Cordon Fence (VCF) and to purchase disease free livestock south of the VCF on a newly acquired farm.
  2. Draught Animal Power Acceleration Program (DAPAP): to finance cattle, donkeys and horses to pull implements such as carts, ploughs, cultivators, planters and harrows. Only full time farmers, who have very little or no tangible collateral, are accommodated under this scheme.
  3. Labourers’ Housing: for building labourers houses of an acceptable standard at 4% interest rate. The maximum qualifying amount per unit is N$75000 but can increase in exceptional cases; the unit must be a permanent structure with a minimum of two rooms with bathing and ablution facilities.
  4. Post-Settlement Loan: The Ministry of Land Reform and Agribank established a funding scheme for resettled farmers to enable them to access funding for crop production, machines and infrastructure, livestock and poultry.
  5. Emerging Retail Financing Product:  previously disadvantaged Namibian farmers are to submit business proposals of financially viable and sustainable agricultural related project for funding.

The following activities may also be financed by Agribank:

  1. Forestry
  2. Guest farms
  3. Game farming and hunting

Target Market

  1. Commercial Farmers
  2. Communal Farmers
  3. Emerging Commercial and Resettled Farmers
  4. Co-operative Societies
  5. Companies, partnerships
  6. Individuals
  7. Trustees of Trust
  8. Control Boards


Eligibility criteria vary from product to product, however for most products the following applies:

  1. Applicants must have a clean credit record.
  2. Applicants can either be full or part time farmers.
  3. Applicants should be Namibian citizens.
  4. Applicants must provide a business plan, where applicable.
  5. Most loans are granted against security of fixed property (mortgage bond) or any other acceptable form of security (fixed deposits, investments and surrendering value of policies).

Application Procedure:

For application procedure, please contact your nearest Agribank branch. For some schemes, Agribank provides application forms on its website.


Midland (Windhoek) Branch for clients of Hardap, Khomas, Omaheke, Erongo & Otjozondjupa regions.  Tel:  +264 61 207 4202;

Gobabis Branch Cymot Building, Corner of Park & Kalahari Street, Gobabis Tel: +264 62 577 800/1  Fax: +264 62 562 124 Region: Omaheke   Branch Manager: Hilgard Hoveka;

Grootfontein Branch   Otjivanda Mall Shop No.6  Grootfontein  Tel: +264 67 240 040/50

Otjeroku (Otjiwarongo) Branch for clients of Otjozondjupa, Erongo, Kunene and Oshikoto regions.  Tel:  +264 67 304 997;

Kavango (Rundu) Branch  for clients of Kavango East and Kavango West regions.  Tel:  +264 66 255 645;

Southern (Mariental) Branch for clients of Karas and Hardap regions.  Tel:  +264 63 242 818;

Oshakati Branch  for clients of Omusati, Oshana, Oshikoto and Ohangwena regions.  Tel:  +264 65 221 358;

Zambezi Branch for clients of Zambezi region.  Tel:  +264 66 252 060;

The Head Office is located in Windhoek:

Tel:  +264 61 207 4111;

P/Bag 13208, Windhoek