Financial Wellness Workplace Program

A way to improve your financial skills at the workplace.
Financial wellness is part of general wellness!
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Research shows that Namibia’s general population lacks financial knowledge and understanding.With this background, the Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI) is introducing its Financial Wellness Workplace Program to organizations.

The FLI believes that an employee’s financial wellness is just as important as his/her physical wellness.The FLI’s Financial Wellness Workplace Program targets employees in the public and private sector, including SMEs.

The Wellness Program uses a “Training-of-Peer Educators”-approach. The trained Peer Educators conduct the different training modules/sessions with their colleagues. The FLI also maintains a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework which is regularly updated and is designed to provide reports to the company or organization implementing the Financial Wellness Workplace Program.

Financial Wellness Workplace Program

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Mortgages/Home Loan

The session aims to introduce participants to mortgages in general as a type of loan. How mortgages work as well as the pros and corns associated with mortgages.


The aim of the session is to introduce participants to the types of insurance products available and to create a general awareness and understanding on Insurances.

Finances and Your Children

Supports the participants in providing financial education to their children, nephews, nieces and grandchildren.

Retirement/Pension Fund

Supports the participants in understanding the concepts and the importance of Retirement and Pension funds.

Managing a Side Business

Supports the participants in understanding how to manage the challenges resulting from juggling their professional career and the management of a side business and their personal lives – all at the same time.

Payment Methods/Instruments

Introduces the main concepts and must-knows associated with the different payment methods available in Namibia.