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Challenges, Trends and Measures of Success in Supporting Financial Inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa
FLI Secretariat Manager Mr Francois Brand participated as a Speaker at FINMARK Trust Seminar for Financial Education in Johannesburg from 29-30 September 2016
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Mr Francois Brand, FLI Secretariat Manager, reports from the Seminar:

“Went to an Seminar on Financial Education in Johannesburg. Met financial educators and strategists from all over the world and saw that the FLI program in Namibia is doing very well when bench-marked. We were also a panelist on the topic of investing in Namibia and received favourable reviews. Overall, FLI in Namibia is well positioned and has laid a strong foundation, but there is scope for more innovative approaches and potentially better use of technology for education. Francois Brand, representing FLI Namibia in Johannesburg.”


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