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Standard Bank: SME Portfolio

Within it’s SME Division, Standard Bank caters to SMEs with a turnover of 0-10Mio N$. For this target group, Standard Bank offers the following products:

  • Business Current Account with Overdraft: An overdraft is a short-term loan arrangement, where your account limit gets extended up to an agreed amount. It’s the most common type of business loan. Depending on your businesses turnover, Standard Bank offers overdrafts up to 100.000 N$.
  • Business Revolving Credit Plan: this is a classical business loan to finance operations. Your annual turnover of your business will determine the maximum amount granted under this loan type.
  • Property Finance or Business Mortgage Loans: to purchase commercial or industrial premises, or residential properties used for business purposes. These loans work more of less like a private mortgage loan. It helps you to purchase, for example:
    • Shops and offices
    • Warehouses, showrooms, factories or similar industrial premises
    • Sectional title complexes including individual units in these complexes
    • Existing residential properties which are primarily used for business purposes
  • Vehicle and Asset Finance: this loan product aims to finance vehicles, machinery and other equipment. The asset that is bought (i.e. car, machine, etc.) also serves as the security (or collateral) for the loan. Credit life insurance is a requirement.


  • SME
  • With legal entity
  • Debt (Loans)
  • Mentoring/Training (BDS)
  • Restructuring/Merger
  • Equipment/Infrastructure
  • Growth/Expansion

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  • You must have banked with Standard Bank in the past
  • Business must be registered with MITSMED
  • Business must have a tax registration certificate
  • Business must have a legal entity
Application Procedure

The following documents must be submitted for a loan application:

  • Business plan
  • Business profile
  • Cashflow projections
  • Business’ Annual financial statements
  • Personal banking balance statements
  • Proof of solvency
  • Copy of ID and recent clear passport photograph of proprietor

Please contact your nearest Standard Bank branch for the exact list of documents needed for a loan application. The requirements may vary from loan product to loan product.

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