Financial Product

Otjozondjupa Regional Council: OROI

The Otjozondjupa Regional Council through its One Region, One Initiative (OROI) Program seeks to promote innovation and value addition of local resources. And at the same time, they aim to enhance income generation opportunities through SME development for rural communities.

  • Equipment/Infrastructure
  • Innovation/Research
  • Equipment
  • Mentoring/Training (BDS)
  • Startups
  • Micros



Startups, Micros.

  • Existing group (for more than one year), not newly formed.
  • Group mobilised by community, not government –led or owned.
  • Group producing and selling its own products by utilising local resources.
  • Group widely accepted by community with its ownership.
  • Group with appropriate business ideas

Financing volume is dependent on budget allocation from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

Application procedure
  • Regional Council will call for proposals at least once every year for the community to express their interest.
  • Regional Council sends out circulars to all constituency offices to inform community to collect, complete and submit application forms.
  • Constituency Development Committee (CDC) evaluate and send applications through to the Head Office for final scrutiny and selection of projects based on available funds.

Application time frame will be prescribed in the advert.

For more information

Visit the Otjozondjupa Regional Council at:

Hospital Street,

Chief Regional Officer
Mr. B.E.O Kasete (Acting)

Governor: Hon. Otto Iipinge

Chairperson: Hon. Julius Neumbo

Tel: 067-302658/ 067-303702
Fax: 067-302760

P.O. BOX 1682

Or, visit any Local Constituency Offices in the Otjozondjupa Region.