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Teckla Shipulwa
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Financial Inclusion Officer

What do you do at the FLI?

I coordinate and liaise with other stakeholders involved in financial inclusion topics. I review and give input on policies and regulations that involve financial inclusion as well as consumer protection. Assist my supervisor on the responsibilities and duties regarding the Namibia Financial Sector Strategy and other relevant national documents. I also assist the team with any other work duties.

Where are you from, who are you?

I was born in Onaame, a village in the northern part of Namibia. I am happily married to Mathew and a proud mother of four.  I spend most of my time with my family. I love to motivate and encourage people, especially the youngsters, to enrich themselves with knowledge in every positive way they can. I believe that we should not expect immediate positive rewards but we rather be patient, for everything has its perfect time.

Why is financial literacy important and what does it mean to you?

Financial literacy is a broad area and it touches almost everything in our daily lives. It is crucial to understand the impact it has towards individuals or businesses. Financial Literacy means being in control of own finances including good behaviour towards finances.