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Iyaloo Ailonga
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Chief Economist

What do you do at the FLI?

I ensure and coordinate the implementation of personal and business financial management strategies and plan of action for the FLI.

Where are you from, who are you?

I was born in and raised in Oshakati by God-fearing parents. I am a wife to Chris and a proud mother to three children. Introversion explains my personality coupled with an eye for finer customer service. I am task-driven yet task-oriented and celebrate for goals accomplishment. I enjoy DSTV-Catch Up for my soapies and listen to good music whilst on the road.

Why is financial literacy important and what does it mean to you?

Financial literacy is important because it enable oneself to make financially sound decisions which prevent debt and financial slavery. Financial literacy encompasses both the skills and knowledge on how to effectively and efficiently use money either personally or in a business.