Team Member

Antonia Smith
Antonia Smith

Senior Media Officer

What do you do at the FLI?

I am responsible for the organization of radio, television and print educational campaigns for the FLI. I liaise with media agencies, stakeholders, services providers and also responsible for the organization and management of all FLI events. As well as the development of the FLI newsletter publications and other media related activities.

Where are you from, who are you?

I was born and raised in Mariental a town in the southern part of Namibia. I love traveling, meeting new people, dancing, spending time with loved ones and watching a beautiful sunset or rise. I also enjoy reading and poetry even though I can’t write a poem to save my life.

Why is financial literacy important and what does it mean to you?

Financial literacy plays a vital role in our lives as it is a key tool in enhancing and improving our financial well being. To me financial literacy means making informed decisions on how to better manage your money. I believe that through the FLI behavioral changes concerning financial management can be achieved.