Kongalend Microfinance Summit
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FLI platform supporter Kongalend held its Microfinance Summit in Ondangwa on the 29 July 2016. The event was held to celebrate Kongalend’s success which naturally comprised of the success of its clients.

Kongalend is a Microfinance Institution that provides financial assistance through micro loans to individuals with business projects.  The Financial Literacy initiative (FLI) was invited to join the Kongalend Summit.  This provided the initiative with an excellent platform to engage people from rural areas within the regions to promote FLI’s activities. At the summit, the FLI distributed a number of financial educational booklets to Kongalend beneficiaries from Ondangwa, Oshakati and Rundu.

In addition to booklets distributed the FLI team also had educative conversations with individuals on how to manage their finances responsibly, encouraging budgeting, saving and responsible spending habits among beneficiaries.

The Microfinance Summit attracted a number of dignitaries and among the distinguished invited guests were Governor of Oshana region; Honourable Klemens Kashuupulwa, who gave the key note address.  Representatives from the German Saving Bank Foundation for International Co-operation; Mr. Holger Gerdes and Deputy Mayor of Ondangwa; Mrs Saima Namukwambi,  Ms. Albertina Namwandi delivered a short speech on behalf of the Financial Literacy Initiative.

FLI would like to express its appreciation for having been accorded the opportunity to attend the summit and help educate the participants on financial literacy matters. In addition we appreciate spending the day with Kongalend and the participants for a summit filled with fun through dances and songs.

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