FLI Goes to Mariental
20170511_120706 (2)
The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture hosted its 10th annual sporting event in Mariental which brought together teams of various sport codes from all ministry offices in the regions.
The Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI), supported the event by giving educational talks to the employees of the said ministry on how to manage personal finance and also use the platform to raise and strengthen awareness on the importance of financial literacy. The FLI also sponsored the event with 370 bottles of water to the different teams.
During the course of the week 10-12 May 2017, the FLI stall was visited by a number of participants and local spectators who admitted to having troubles with managing their finances. The team was happy to help them come to the realization that identifying the problem was the first and important step towards overcoming it.The FLI’s attendance was indeed purposeful, judging by the confident individuals that left our stall and vowed to improve their financial behavior.