Eenhana Trade Fair and Business Expo 2016

The Eenhana Town Council held its 9th Annual Trade and Business Expo from 25 to 30 July 2016 under the theme “Business Development through innovative entrepreneurship”.

The FLI used the trade fair as a platform to engage with the public on different financial literacy topics ranging from savings, budgeting, responsible borrowing and insurances. The FLI team distributed educational booklets, signed up the public for the FLI SMS line, which is used as an information sharing medium to share financial tips and invite the public to future FLI events and training’s.  The trade fair was also an opportunity to promote the initiative’s Simulation Based trainings.

The FLI distributed over 700 booklets and ran several financial literacy related competitions as a means to educate the public.

The initiative received positive feedback from participants at the fair who emphasized the importance of financial education.

The FLI would like to express its appreciation for having being accorded the opportunity to exhibit at the Eehnana Trade and Business Expo we look forward to the next one.